List All Projects The Directorate of Investigations and Criminal Search is the backbone of Public Security and it has contact and engagement with all sectors of the Ministry of Interior. The project was implemented at the level of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by establishing a Central Unit at the General Directorate in Riyadh and 13 main areas and 76 branches in the Kingdom of the Directorate of Investigations and Criminal Search were linked and providing them with all the servers and workstations, maintenance and technical support for all areas for a period of 3 years, and the documentary cycle has been converted from manual work to automated work in the relevant departments in the search operation for the wanted and follow-up of the issues of the accused and making statistics for their numbers that help trace the crime and reduce its occurrence by using the latest technology in the field of software, networks and servers for the project development with a system of high integration and compatibility by using: 1. Web Base Application Technology in the software systems 2. Oracle 9i Database 3. J2EE technology in the programming of systems 4. High degree of information security 5. Linking 13 areas using the latest types of networks (Cisco) and cables (AVAYA), which keep pace with the aspirations of current and future management. 6. Advanced system solutions offered by HP Co.