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Air Traffic Management - ATM

Air Traffic Control Automation System

In this critical field to aviation industry, SIT represents Indra, the market’s leading supplier of air traffic management and communications, navigation and surveillance (ATM-CNS) systems.
Indra has developed air traffic management systems that are deployed across the world, with over 3,000 installations in 140 countries.





State-of-the-art NavAids

In this area SIT is representing Indra navigational aids. The Doppler VOR Ground Beacon from Indra is one of the primary navigational aids for a nation’s airways system.
Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) is a ground based navigational aid for use by aircraft. While the ILS (Instrument Landing System) is a ground based precision approach aid to assist aircraft approach to runways.



SIT is partnering with Indra world leader who has been contracted over 260 radars. Indra surveillance solutions aim to enhance air traffic safety and efficiency by providing our customers with advanced and reliable surveillance systems composed by modern and proven sensors with consistent integration platforms.

Indra's surveillance systems have been deployed and operative from single surface aerodrome coverage to whole countries En Route surveillance.

Surface Movement Radar

Indra stands out from its competitors, bringing together the latest generation unit with state-of-the-art technology

The Surface Movement Radar is a very high resolution radar designed for detecting small radar cross section targets using the continuous wave signals.

Primary Surveillance 3D Radar

Indra’s 3D PSR is a modular, fully solidstate 3D primary radar (PSR) that incorporates the latest technologies for airport and air route surveillance. It provides accurate aircraft position information, including flight height.

Secondary Surveillance Radar

Only Indra’s experience can have developed a low cost and high performance radar as Indra Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar Mode S.

Indra’s Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar Mode S is the fourth significant generation of secondary radars in Indra. It complies with the requirements stated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and with the performance demanded by EUROCONTROL to the surveillance and navigation mode S systems. 



Automatic Dependent Survelluance Broadcast   (ADS-B)

SIT introduces Indra ADS-B, a new Generation of Air Traffic Management Surveillance Systems. The Indra‘s ADS-B ground station is an equipment which brings the benefits of the Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast with the best cost-performance ratio in the market. This system has been entirely developed and manufactured by Indra Sistemas S.A. complying with the most exigent and recognized standards.


Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System   (A-SMGCS)

Integration of all sensors data for the safety of the airport movements

The main functions of an Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System are: Surveillance, Control, Routing and Guidance.

The Indra Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System is based on an open and flexible architecture offering high performances.





Airport Collaborative Decision Making  (A-CDM)

Indra is the leading IT Spanish company and one of the top five ATM systems suppliers all over the world. Indra knowledge and its products portfolio reach all different areas at both air and land processes supporting all stages at the air traffic management business.

This knowledge, consolidated with the experience acquired along the last 30 years, has enabled Indra to create a new paradigm called In-Airport, about how IT supports the airport information needs.

In-Airport compiles all the know-how in both operational and technical environments accumulated with the references in ATM and airports, together with the leadership in the initiatives which are currently optimizing the airport processes (CDM) and defining the future for air transportation (SESAR).

In-Airport paradigm includes new advanced ways for managing the aircraft process efficiently, as such process is crucial for the airport business core and profitability. The Airport Operations Plan (AOP) and Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) supports such a new ways offering a common sharing awareness of the airport plan and the pre-departure sequence respectively.


Flight Information Display System   (FIDS)

SIT is the soul partner with TAV Information Technolgy (TAV IT) in Saudi Arabia for airports’ FIDS.

The Flight Information Display System is designed to provide airport management with automated control to distribute and display real-time flight information to passengers and airport operational staff.

TAV IT FIDS Not Only Ensures the Distribution Of Flight Information On A Variety Of Public And Staff Display Devices, italso provides the capability to display advertisements, media and real-time weather forecast data on corresponding display devices along with flight data.

TAV IT FIDS delivers the best possible solution for any airport of any size. The product, which has by far exceeded expectations, has simply redefined the “FIDS concept.”

TAV IT FIDS is already implemented in King Khaled International Airport (KKIA), King Fahad International Airport (KFIA) and Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Madinah




Airport Operational Database (AODB)

TAV IT Airport Operational Database is a resilient, comprehensive central repository center for the operational data management of all airport community members. It provides the efficiency of a central airport operational database with guaranteed, consistent, robust operational performance. It stores, distributes and manages real-time flight data, aeronautical and non-aeronautical services data and transforms all this data into fast and accurate financial figures.

TAV IT AODB is a multi-tiered application. Interaction between the user interface and service layers, which is designed by utilizing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), is event-based.

The TAV IT AODB user interface is designed as a RIA, (Rich Internet Application) it takes advantage of cross browser and platform compatibility in addition to taking advantage of the web deployment model's traditional benefits..

TAV IT AODB is configurable depending on the operation and size of the airport. AODB is equally well suited for small, medium-sized or large airports. According to the needs of the customer, it can be downsized or dedicated “cost effective” solutions can be tailored.

TAV IT AODB is already implemented in King Khaled International Airport (KKIA), King Fahad International Airport (KFIA) and Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport in Madinah





Flight Inspection Services

SIT and Smart Aviation introduce in co-operation with ANSP (NANSC) a unique service of Automatic Flight Inspection System (AFIS) in Saudi Arabia.

Smart Aviation aircraft King Air 350I is equipped with sophisticated equipment to perform multiple missions:

The AFIS is capable to perform multiple calibration tasks simultaneously, such as structure measurement for Glide Slope and Localizer together with Markers, DME and NDB during one approach. The AFIS also provides the ability to calibrate two en-route stations simultaneously while flying along one Radial, the so called dual radial procedure. i.e one single radial flight, two VOR / DMEs can be calibrated at the same time and so on.


Safedock Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System  (A-VDGS)

SIT is working closely with Safegate to introduce advanced gate solutions for aircraft guidance on the ground, in a smart and responsible way.

The Safegate Effect – safety, efficiency and environmental benefits – is the result of what Safegate does for airports all over the world. By enabling a total system of smooth operations, for example the fastest way from touchdown to gate, fewer planes are waiting in line on the ground or circling in the air. Our solutions also provide full status awareness of equipment on the ground, and full control over aircraft and vehicle positions on the ground. The result is optimal safety, increased efficiency and reduced power and aircraft fuel consumption, which lead to a cleaner environment.




Airfield Ground Lighting  (AGL)

In the field of AGL, SIT represents Safegate ‘s comprehensive range of ICAO and FAA compliant LED and halogen airfield lighting products, based on more than 50 years of experience and legacy from two of the world’s most appreciated AFL equipment brands, Thorn AFL and Idman. The SafeLED IQ technology is Safegate Group’s unique all-in-one revolution that gives you the possibility to centrally monitor and control the LED application without any additional hardware.



Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS)  ACEMAX

In the field of airport tower solutions SIT works with the world leader Avibit.

ACEMAX – as a part of the SafeControl Suite ATM package – is the key to reliable continuous service.

ACEMAX not only supports high traffic capacity, it can also significantly increase the safety level at any airport under all weather conditions. There is no doubt that the number of runway incursions, near collisions and other unwanted phenomena can be significantly reduced when using ACEMAX as your A-SMGCS.


Electronic Flight Strip System  (DIFLIS – E-STRIP)

DIFLIS – as a part of the SafeControl Suite ATM package – is a fully digital representation of paper flight strips on a computer touch-pen display. It combines the benefits of a well-established paper strip system with the possibilities offered by electronic data handling. In addition DIFLIS provides an Air Traffic Controller with a workflow based support logic that dramatically reduces the time necessary to handle data input and strip handling.


Integrated Information System for Tower and ATC Operations (INFOMAX)

INFOMAX – as part of the SafeControl Suite ATM package – combines all the information mentioned above on a single display in a consistent HMI that cleans up the CWP by removing unnecessary displays, mice and keyboards.

The HMI is highly configurable; the information presented on the screen can be selected to meet all site-specific requirements. This includes the determination whether data is shown at all and how the display looks.



Arrival and Departure Management System (OPTAMOS)

OPTAMOS – as a part of the SafeControl Suite ATM package – is comprised of two tools for accurate planning of Arrival and/or Departure streams. The most advanced algorithms combined with a clear HMI provide a user with accurate and easy to handle software support. OPTAMOS derives its name from its main task – the most optimized and economic traffic flow for Arrivals and Departures.


Digital Departure Clearance System (DECLOS)

DECLOS – as a part of the SafeControl Suite ATM package – provides ATC and Airlines with the option of retrieving a Pre Departure clearance using the on-board Data link equipment. ACARS is used as a communication vehicle and Pre Departure Clearances are transmitted automatically negating the need for any further Air Traffic Controller action. Implementing DECLOS marks an important step to reduce frequency congestion and freeing up Air Traffic Controllers workload.


Foreign Object Debris (FOD)

Runway Hazard Management System

SIT has partnered with Leidos, the global security leader to introduce FODetect, an automated FOD solution collocated with runway edge lights and is the most powerful solution available today to improve runway safety, operational efficiency and increase runway capacity.

FODetect automatically and continuously scans operational areas and uses sophisticated image and radar processing algorithms to monitor runway conditions during day and night for FOD, wildlife and equipment status — even during inclement weather conditions.

The system automatically separates birds from other FOD types, and then automatically alerts the airport’s wildlife team in real time, day and night. The upgraded product enables remote real-time auditory bird deterrence, completing the cycle of runway bird management.

FODetect also alerts operators, characterizes objects, assists with safe clean-up and allows incident tracking.

The system's capabilities are based on a unique hybrid radar-optical sensing technology that utilizes optimized radar algorithms, advanced image processing software and close range detection for unprecedented performance.




Airport Security Screening

SIT partnered with Rapiscan, the world leader in security screening as a proven partner that is driven by innovation and backed-by a global support network.

As the world’s leading security screening provider, Rapiscan Systems provides state of the art products, solutions and services that meet our customers’ most demanding threat detection needs while improving operational efficiency.


Baggage and Parcel Inspection

From the large, dual-view x-ray systems for pallets and cargo to portable mail and small parcel screening devices, and everything in-between; Rapiscan has engineered innovative and cost-effective solutions for a multitude of high-profile security screening environments. Our support team can craft a perfectly tailored solution for your operation.



Hold Baggage Screening

Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) is a critical link in aviation security. Each Rapiscan hold baggage screening solution is uniquely designed to maximize an airport's security goals. From merging one of our products into an already established operation to helping to plan and execute a complete HBS system, our state-of-the-art equipment backed by our knowledgable global support staff improves efficiency while lowering total operational costs to the airport.

People Screening

From robust and cost-effective metal detectors to the groundbreaking developments in backscatter x-ray systems, Rapiscan is an established leader in people screening solutions.

Rapiscan Systems internationally recognized Metor metal detectors have been in development since the 1960s, evolving into the intelligent, cost-effective solutions of today. These devices offer outstanding reliability, ease-of-use, and superior detection technologies.





Birds Collision Avoidance System (BCAS)

SIT is the soul partner of Volacom, the world leader in birds’ protection and deterrence system in Saudi Arabia.

The Bird Collision Avoidance System (BCAS), produced by Volacom, consists of multiple interconnected modules. Main functions of the system are:

·         Detection

·         Recognition

·         Deterrence

·         Monitoring

·         Data logging

Detection functions are performed by thermal and daylight stereo cameras, constantly scanning the environment for incoming flying objects.

Once an object is detected, the data is analyzed by proprietary software. When the system recognizes the flying object as a bird, it positions the acoustic module, which emits a proprietary sound signal. Thus, Acoustic Startle Reflex (ASR) is evoked and the bird changes its course, flying away.

This unique deflection approach causes no harassment and the avian species cannot get accustomed to the signal.




Airport Baggage Handling System (BHS)

SIT has partnered with DAIFUKU BCS the world leader in MHS and BHS.

Airport Systems are the baggage handling systems (BHS) specialists within BCS Group. Airport Systems specialize in the development, design, manufacture, installation and servicing of a broad range of innovative, state of the art baggage handling systems and components suitable for small regional ports right through to large International Airports.

BCS are world leaders in Hold Bag Screening (HBS) security systems and integration as well as developers of revolutionary 3D Virtual Airport simulation and emulation software package that is used for the development and testing of client BHS systems.

Engineering, controls design and field support capabilities are all contained entirely within Airport Systems. We have developed an experienced, self-sufficient capability to handle large, complex projects from concept development and simulation through fabrication, system installation, commissioning followed by operation & maintenance.

Airport Systems core expertise can be summarized as:

·         Turnkey baggage handling systems

·         Baggage handling components (conveyors, check-ins, carousels etc.)

·         System design, simulation services and consulting

·         Automation control systems design and integration

·         IT software and high level controls design development and deployment

·         Innovative financial outsourcing solutions for BHS




Perimeter Security

SIT is partner with Future Fiber Technologies (FFT), the world leader in fiber optic intrusion detection solutions.

FFT has the complete family of fiber optic intrusion detection systems, delivering a full range of end-to-end PIDS solutions from the smallest to the largest sites, and through to the most demanding sites across the world. Multiple systems and technologies can be networked together to monitor complex or longer distances such as country borders.

The most advanced perimeter security systems available for the detection of intrusion attempts

·         High performance perimeter intrusion detection and location

·         Setting new standards for both sensitivity and the control of nuisance alarms

·         Hardened solutions for sites demanding redundancy and sensor cable cut protection

·         No electronics or power in the field

·         Immune to EMI/RFI