Air Traffic Management - ATM

Air Traffic Control Automation System

In this critical field to aviation industry, SIT represents Indra, the market’s leading supplier of air traffic management and communications, navigation and surveillance (ATM-CNS) systems.
Indra has developed air traffic management systems that are deployed across the world, with over 3,000 installations in 140 countries.





State-of-the-art NavAids

In this area SIT is representing Indra navigational aids. The Doppler VOR Ground Beacon from Indra is one of the primary navigational aids for a nation’s airways system.
Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) is a ground based navigational aid for use by aircraft. While the ILS (Instrument Landing System) is a ground based precision approach aid to assist aircraft approach to runways.



SIT is partnering with Indra world leader who has been contracted over 260 radars. Indra surveillance solutions aim to enhance air traffic safety and efficiency by providing our customers with advanced and reliable surveillance systems composed by modern and proven sensors with consistent integration platforms.

Indra's surveillance systems have been deployed and operative from single surface aerodrome coverage to whole countries En Route surveillance.

Surface Movement Radar

Indra stands out from its competitors, bringing together the latest generation unit with state-of-the-art technology

The Surface Movement Radar is a very high resolution radar designed for detecting small radar cross section targets using the continuous wave signals.

Primary Surveillance 3D Radar

Indra’s 3D PSR is a modular, fully solidstate 3D primary radar (PSR) that incorporates the latest technologies for airport and air route surveillance. It provides accurate aircraft position information, including flight height.

Secondary Surveillance Radar

Only Indra’s experience can have developed a low cost and high performance radar as Indra Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar Mode S.

Indra’s Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar Mode S is the fourth significant generation of secondary radars in Indra. It complies with the requirements stated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and with the performance demanded by EUROCONTROL to the surveillance and navigation mode S systems. 



Automatic Dependent Survelluance Broadcast   (ADS-B)

SIT introduces Indra ADS-B, a new Generation of Air Traffic Management Surveillance Systems. The Indra‘s ADS-B ground station is an equipment which brings the benefits of the Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast with the best cost-performance ratio in the market. This system has been entirely developed and manufactured by Indra Sistemas S.A. complying with the most exigent and recognized standards.


Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System   (A-SMGCS)

Integration of all sensors data for the safety of the airport movements

The main functions of an Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System are: Surveillance, Control, Routing and Guidance.

The Indra Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System is based on an open and flexible architecture offering high performances.





Airport Collaborative Decision Making  (A-CDM)

Indra is the leading IT Spanish company and one of the top five ATM systems suppliers all over the world. Indra knowledge and its products portfolio reach all different areas at both air and land processes supporting all stages at the air traffic management business.

This knowledge, consolidated with the experience acquired along the last 30 years, has enabled Indra to create a new paradigm called In-Airport, about how IT supports the airport information needs.

In-Airport compiles all the know-how in both operational and technical environments accumulated with the references in ATM and airports, together with the leadership in the initiatives which are currently optimizing the airport processes (CDM) and defining the future for air transportation (SESAR).

In-Airport paradigm includes new advanced ways for managing the aircraft process efficiently, as such process is crucial for the airport business core and profitability. The Airport Operations Plan (AOP) and Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) supports such a new ways offering a common sharing awareness of the airport plan and the pre-departure sequence respectively.